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Donor Action is designed to give you the ultimate flexibility in generating searches, reports, and communications. The communications search allows you to select constituents based on a wide variety of attributes. There are a number of different attribute fields that allow you to categorize constituents, as well as search on recent donation information, membership information etc. Once you have run a search, you can save the search and use it to generate either printed or emailed letters and newsletters. This gives you the ability to create Thank You letters, Ask letters, membership renewals, and Newsletters. Our email engine allows you to analyze your email campaigns with statistics on open rates, bounces, links clicked, etc. If you are using an email newsletter service, you may well be able to replace it with our system - and have your email subscriber lists totally integrated into the Donor Management system!

In the example below a search was run on the mailing list for 2014 Gala attendees. After the search is run, press the "Create Search List" button, highlighted in yellow.

Donor Mailing Search Screen

Add SearchList This step allows you to give a name to your search and save it for later use.

Template Editor

Our HTML editor allows you to create any HTML document encoded document for printing or email. Use the designer, or paste in your own templates for newletters, Thank You letters, etc. GalaMailingTemplate

Generate Letter for Printer

Using any combination of Templates and Search Lists, you can generate letters to be printed directly from your browser. GalaLetterPrinter

Send Letter as an Email Blast

In addition to printing customized letter, you can also send them with Email Blasts. This feature allows you to email letters with data, such as thank you letters, or general newsletters. Because the emails are formatted in HTML, you can create rich responsive letters. We provide several newsletter templates and can work with you to adapt your current newletters. Below are examples of emails generated with our template. Here is the same Gala letter as above, sent via email: GalaEmail2
Below is an example of an email newsletter template sent through Donor Action: Newsletter